The Courtesy Flush: So Long, Farewell

The Courtesy Flush: So Long, Farewell

We’ve all been there—that awkward moment you’re sitting at work, the movie theater, or the home of your boss and it hits you. Your stomach and mother nature are letting you know that it’s time to catch the porcelain throne to take care of business.

So there you are, in a bathroom that isn’t your own, getting the job done and an odor fills the room. Now if you’re like most, you’re wondering, “How in the world am I going to get rid this poop smell?”

Air freshener?


Bathroom fan?

Just hoping the smell just goes away?

No, you move forward with your go-to solution: The Courtesy Flush. A well-known practice that has been used by generations before you, sure to be effective in this stinky situation.

What is the Courtesy Flush?

If you are one of the lucky few who hasn’t ever had to face a courtesy flush situation, we’ll cover the basics and why it’s no longer a necessary bathroom practice with proper scent coverage.

A courtesy flush is flushing the toilet mid-business in hopes that its odor doesn’t linger for anyone else to catch a whiff of because nothing says friendship like leaving your, um, aroma for the next person.

Does it Work?

Contrary to what many believe, the courtesy flush does have its downsides. The less time those brownies are in the wind, the less likely you are to smell its funk. And no, we aren’t talking about the brownies your mom makes.

So while the courtesy flush does help reduce fumes from ensuing, it wastes water in the process. Did you know that older toilets use up to 7 gallons of water per flush? Something to keep in mind before you courtesy flush your way out of a smelly situation.

It’s also more sanitary to keep the seat down when you flush. A seat up situation leaves the rest of your bathroom and your toothbrush open to bacteria.

It’s Time To Say Goodbye

Na na na na,

Na na na na,

Hey hey-ey


While the courtesy flush is your go-to, it doesn’t have to be. Start the latest trend among your friends by changing the way we take care of business with LooLoo. As an automatic toilet freshener, you’re taking out the guesswork of a courtesy flush because you don’t need one.

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