Easy Install

Easy Install

1. Place LooLoo against the outside of your toilet and bend the flexible arm

Let the arm extend over the rim. Bend LooLoo’s arm down 90 degrees and around the toilet rim as snuggly as it will go.

2. Lift LooLoo up and re-bend arm.

The arm will unbend slightly. Now, re-bend the arm and really overbend it (refer to  the picture below).

3. Insert fragrance into the bottom of LooLoo.

4. Remove battery tab from the back of LooLoo.

5. Place LooLoo back on the toilet.

It should fit snugly.

6. Prime LooLoo

Press the large front button 8-10 times until it sprays. Put in “Automatic” (A) or “Manual” (M) mode depending on your preference.

For your safety, keep in mind that when priming LooLoo, it will spray an essential oil from the spray nozzle at the end of the arm. Please only prime LooLoo after it has been  attached to the toilet. LooLoo is activated both by pressing the main button and when its sensors detect heat and movement. Do not spray into your eyes, onto skin or clothing.

Get to know your LooLoo

Get to know your LooLoo

Helpful Operating Tips

LooLoo comes with 3(three) AA batteries preinstalled. LooLoo’s spray button and in-bowl light will flash red when batteries are running low.  To replace the battery, remove the battery compartment cover on the back side of the LooLoo. Pull out and dispose of the three batteries. Keep in mind you can recycle your AA batteries. Put in a new set of AA batteries, place LooLoo back on your toilet and continue enjoying your LooLoo.

Register your warranty

Take advantage of our two year warranty.

Automatic Manners, Automatically

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