Automatically eliminates toilet odors

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How It Works


You Sit

LooLoo’s smart sensor detects your presence.


LooLoo Sprays

LooLoo dispenses a fragrance with essential oils onto the surface of the water.


Breathe Easily

Smell the freshness of the natural essential oils and not the toilet odor.

I absolutely love my LooLoo. I have one in each bathroom of my home. Love the auto light and fresh scent. A must have for every household.

Lisa S.

Fantastic bathroom accessory! Soooo much better than remembering to have to spray before you go each time.

Brittney L.

We've had the LooLoo for a month. Love it. Super simple. No more having to touch Poo-Pourri bottles or other sprays.

Jeff A.

Works exactly as described. Keeps toilet smelling good after every use. Convenient and easy to use.

Glaucia L.
  • Works Automatically
  • Eliminates Odors
  • Night Light
  • With Essential Oils

Built-In Automatic Night Light

How & What

Everything you need to know about your LooLoo and its features.

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