Love Your Partner Without Loving Their Smell

Love Your Partner Without Loving Their Smell

“How to keep my bathroom smelling fresh?”

This question is extremely common, especially among new couples who are knee-deep in a honeymoon-like romance. Sharing a bathroom with the same person you share a bed with can definitely pose some challenges, like the first time he entered the bathroom right after you...ahem, took care of business. Or the time someone forgot to flush—yikes.

puppy by a toilet

These moments can be mortifying to say the least, but they don’t have to be! In this quick read, you’ll learn how to make a bathroom smell better with these tips, tricks, and nifty products.

Household Items

Looking for a quick fix, like, right now? Raid your cupboards for these household items that are effective for neutralizing and absorbing odors.

Lemon Slices

Yeah, you read that right. Setting a plate of fresh lemon slices beside your toilet is a great way to keep your bathroom smelling fresh and citrusy. Dress it up with a few sprigs of mint, maybe a little mild potpourri, and bam: you’ve got a cheap, natural way to mask unwanted odors.

lemons sliced

Set out a fresh plate before a party or gathering and you've got an air freshener that doubles as a super awkward conversation piece. Can you picture it?

“Why is there a plate of lemons by your toilet?”

Baking Soda

Did you know that baking soda has the ability to absorb odor? Fill a few open jars or glass bowls and try it out! If you don’t have baking soda, you can also use white vinegar for the same effect. Fill a glass vase with white vinegar and top it with a few fake flower petals to disguise its purpose. Just make sure you change these solutions out regularly to keep them effective.


Striking a match after time on the toilet is perhaps the oldest and most traditional way to hide the fact that you just did a duty. Get a classy little matchbox at your local antique store and place it on the back of the toilet for a decorative touch!

Keep It Clean

One of the most effective ways to keep your bathroom smelling fresh is to clean it regularly. Scrub the toilet a couple times a week, empty the trash often, and keep the counter and sink sparkling clean and free of clutter. This may not mask the smell of a recent bathroom session, but it will create an environment that looks, smells, and feels a lot cleaner.

Use a LooLoo

looloo on a toilet

Want to exit your bathroom with your head held high? Use a LooLoo! This nifty little invention makes it easy to use the bathroom without leaving behind an embarrassing smell for your lover to walk into. Just secure the LooLoo onto the ledge of your toilet bowl and let it do the rest.

Not only does it trap and replace gross smells with light, airy fragrances, but it’s also far more sanitary than grabbing the spray and a whole lot easier than explaining a plate of lemon slices. Learn how to make a bathroom smell better with a LooLoo today!

Conceal Bathroom Odors & Get Back to Your Date Night

With these tips and tricks, you and your beloved can share a bathroom without the embarrassing overlaps. Equip your porcelain throne with the LooLoo and spend less time blushing for the wrong reasons, and more time sharing intimate moments together.