Copy of Start Guide

How do I power off my LooLoo?
To power off the LooLoo, simply hold down both the light and spray buttons simultaneously for one second.


How do I turn on manual mode so that it does not spray every time I sit down?

To turn off the automatic spray, switch to manual mode by holding the spray button for three seconds. The indicator light will blink orange indicating the LooLoo is in manual mode. In order to spray in manual mode, simply press the spray button.


What does the blinking yellow light mean?

The blinking yellow light indicates that the spray canister is running low.


What does the blinking red light mean?

The blinking red light indicates the spray canister is empty.


How do I make the LooLoo spray manually?

In order to spray in manual mode, simply press the spray button.


How do I change the light colors in the toilet bowl?

To change the color of the nightlight, simply push the light button to cycle through the colors until you reach your desired color.


What is the best placement for my LooLoo?

The optimal positioning for the LooLoo is a combination of two factors: Sensor exposure and toilet seat clearance. First, make sure that the clearance between the toilet seat and toilet is adequate so that the LooLoo doesn’t experience contact with the seat in order to avoid potential damage to the unit. Typically for low-clearance seats, further back toward the toilet bowl provides greater clearance. However, make sure the sensor on the outside of the LooLoo is positioned to detect motion upon approach to the toilet in order to activate the nightlight. The LooLoo is capable of sensing movement up to 165 degrees from the center of the LooLoo.


How often do I need to replace the refill cartridge?

This largely depends upon the usage frequency of the toilet. Each cartridge sprays approximately 200 times before needing replacement. For some that may mean monthly, for others less frequently.


How do I change the batteries in my LooLoo?

There is no need to replace batteries. Each refill cartridge comes with batteries pre-installed.


What should I do if my LooLoo stops working and there are no lights flashing?

First, twist off the bottom cap of the LooLoo and remove the canister. Re-insert canister and replace the cap. This should reset the LooLoo in the event that it inadvertently powered off. If this doesn’t resolve the problem, please contact customer support at (385)-374-9712.