LooLoo™ Touch-Free Toilet Freshener

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✔ NEW: Awarded #1 Toilet Freshener

Automatic Freshening each time you go. Simply set & forget!

Instant Odor-Blocking advanced formula used to destroy odor at the source.

Hygienic and Hands-Free no-touch solution to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Cost Effective at only pennies per use. No more wasting $$$ on useless sprays & candles.

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Citrus Fresh

LooLoo is perfect if:

  • You share a bathroom

  • Odor spreads easily in your home

  • You want to impress guests

  • You avoid the spread of germs

  • You want a strong, reliable odor-blocker

How LooLoo Works

1. You sit.

LooLoo’s smart sensor detects when you sit.

2. LooLoo sprays.

An automatic spray with natural, odor-blocking essential oils covers the toilet water.

3. Breathe easily.

No poopy odor, stink, or stench. Just guaranteed freshness.

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60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
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Freshness guaranteed

Just sit back and relax. We'll take care of the rest.

LooLoo takes care of business, even before you've done yours.

Confidently leave the bathroom without the fear of others smelling your doo-doo.