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Automatic Manners, Automatically

Join the Courteous Club, LooLoo's refill subscription service, to save 10% and get free shipping.


10% off fragrance refills

Free shipping on refills

Get rewarded with a free refill after every 5 subscription orders placed

Save up to $63 / year

How it Works


Order your fragrance refill


Select “Subscribe & Save” option


Manage Subscription via “Subscription Portal”

Make Savings Automatic!

Insider Info & Perks

Be the first to know about deals, new products and other LooLoo updates with our subscriber-exclusive newsletter.


Make your LooLoo experience even more automatic - subscribe and never have to remember to order your fragrances again!

Easy to Manage with our Subscription Portal

Choose which fragrances you’d like, how frequent you want deliveries, and other customizations!

Change, pause, or cancel your subscription at any time!

Go passwordless and easily log in with one-time codes


Explore our Starter Kit and find the perfect fragrance option for your bathroom.