How It Works

How It Works

1. You Sit LooLoo’s smart sensor detects when you sit.

2. LooLoo Sprays LooLoo automatically and precisely dispenses a mist of odor blocking natural essential oils onto the toilet water. 

3. Breathe Easily Smell freshness, not toilet odor.  

LooLoo Is Ideal If You...

Share A Bathroom
Live in A Small Space
Love A Bathroom Nightlight
Host Guests
Have an RV

About Us


At LooLoo, we believe manners matter. By showing a little kindness and respect we can build stronger families and communities. It's too easy to say "excuse me," and push our way onto the elevator before others exit, or to reheat fish in the office microwave. At LooLoo, we're here for the door-holders, the "thank you"-sayers, and the hand-washers. 

LooLoo advocates a healthy and happy future for everyone.

Our Promise

At LooLoo, we want to leave things a little better than we found them. We do this by  helping those that need it most. So we partnered with to make an impact. For every LooLoo purchase, we donate one year of clean water to someone in need. Having a safe and reliable water supply changes lives. Something we can easily forget when we are lucky to have access to clean water. This is a cause we are passionate about and look forward to supporting together with you, our community.

What Makes LooLoo Special

Built-In Nightlight
With Natural Essential Oils
Touch-Free and Automatic
Hygienic & Easy to Clean