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About Us

We are a small group of hands-on entrepreneurs, inspired to develop the first touch-free toilet freshener. 

Our Story

Our story started with the mission to solve an age-old problem: banish the days of worrying about embarrassing yourself because you have to do your natural business. 

When we tested our first prototypes we were surprised at how much of a difference they made. Our small community told us we “saved their relationship”, “made guests so much more welcome”, “made life as a busy family a little more peaceful”.  

We realized then that we needed to share our product with the world. Not only did LooLoo solve a problem everybody faces on a regular basis, but it helped make things a little better for the next person. 

Our Manifesto

At LooLoo, we believe manners matter. By showing a little kindness and respect we can build stronger families and communities. It's too easy to say "excuse me," and push our way onto the elevator before others exit, or to reheat fish in the office microwave. At LooLoo, we're here for the door-holders, the "thank you"-sayers, and the hand-washers. 

LooLoo advocates a healthy and happy future for everyone.

Our Goal

Our goal is to enable everyone to have a more pleasurable experience when using the toilet, and to leave things “a little better than you found them” in the process.

At LooLoo, we want to leave things a little better than we found them. This includes helping those that need it most. So we partnered with to make an impact. For every LooLoo purchase, we donate one year of clean water to someone in need. Having a safe and reliable water supply changes lives. Something we can easily forget when we are lucky to have access to clean water. This is a cause we are passionate about and look forward to supporting together with you, our community.


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