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LooLoo Touch-Free Toilet Freshener is the first-of-its-kind, automatic toilet freshener that effortlessly eliminates toilet odors with a mist of natural essential oils and simple ingredients. LooLoo’s smart sensor detects your presence, then automatically sprays the surface of the water. It even has a built-in nightlight that illuminates the bowl and surrounding floor with a soft glow for late-night trips to the bathroom. LooLoo provides long-lasting freshness, with a 3+ months’ supply of natural essential oils in each fragrance refill. With LooLoo, you never have to remember to spray air freshener after using the bathroom or touch another germy spray bottle on the back of the toilet. LooLoo does the work for you. LooLoo is motion-activated, so it automatically sprays a mist of essential oils into the toilet bowl when you sit down. LooLoo’s spray is uniquely formulated to trap and eliminate odors, rather than simply trying to mask odor like other air freshener sprays.

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