Start Guide

LooLoo is a touchless toilet spray that eliminates toilet odors by spraying essential oils on the toilet bowl’s water surface.

Parts of the LooLoo

Quick and Easy 4-Step Installation:

For your safety, please keep in mind that when activating the LooLoo, it will spray an essential oil from the nozzle at the end of the arm. Please be sure to activate the LooLoo only after it is attached to the toilet. The LooLoo is activated by both the pressing of the main button as well as sensors that detect heat and movement and will dispense during activation. Do not spray into your eyes, onto skin or clothing.

  • Remove Battery Tab

    Pull out the battery tab that sticks out of the battery compartment door on the back of LooLoo
  • Insert Fragrance

    Insert the LooLoo fragrance bottle into the opening on the bottom of LooLoo. Be sure to slide the fragrance in with the LooLoo flower logo on both the LooLoo and fragrance bottle facing you. This allows the bottle to “clip” into the bottom.
  • Fit to Toilet

    LooLoo comes with its flexible rubber arm in a straight position. To make the LooLoo fit any toilet, simply adjust the flexible arm of the LooLoo to fit the side of your toilet bowl. This is done by firmly placing the LooLoo on the side of the toilet, then bending the flexible arm inwards over the toilet bowl rim to ensure a snug fit. After you have bent the arm, remove the LooLoo from the toilet and bend the arm again all the way until it touches the main body of the LooLoo. Then the LooLoo can securely clamp onto the toilet bowl.

    *Make sure the LooLoo is positioned on the side or back of the toilet and that the brand is on the outside of the toilet.
  • Activate LooLoo

    Press the large button on the face of the LooLoo to activate LooLoo. Typically, you will need to press the button 2-4 times to prime the inner pump, once it sprays a mist of fragrance it is ready for use.

LooLoo installation

To attach the LooLoo to your toilet, you should first place the LooLoo onto the rim of a clean toilet bowl. Press the flexible arm down so that the arm bends over and around the bowl. After bending the arm, remove the LooLoo and press the head of the LooLoo arm in, so that it creates a triangle (see picture).
Now clamp the LooLoo back onto the toilet bowl using the bent arm. This method will create a firm fitment onto the side of your toilet.
Make sure the LooLoo is positioned on the side or back of the toilet and that the brand is on the outside of the toilet.

Helpful Operating Tips

  • Using the LooLoo

    You can use the LooLoo using two methods: Automatic and Manual

  • Automatic Spray

    LooLoo will automatically spray when the LooLoo has been properly placed on the side of the toilet and it senses someone sitting on the toilet seat. Once someone sits, the fragrance should spray into the toilet.

  • Manual spray

    You can spray LooLoo as many times as you like by pressing the large button on the side of the LooLoo. Pressing this button will cause the LooLoo to dispense a spray of fragrant essential oils into the toilet.

  • Switching from Automatic mode to Manual mode

    On the front side of the LooLoo, there is a switch that is found under the large button. The switch has an “A” and “M” printed on each side. “A” stands for Automatic mode and “M” stands for manual mode. The factory default is automatic mode, which means when you place the LooLoo on the side of your toilet, it should spray every time you sit down on the toilet. If you do not wish the LooLoo to spray every time you sit, simply switch the LooLoo to “M” and it will only spray when you press the button located on the front side of LooLoo.

  • Extra Spray of Fragrance

    We designed the LooLoo to solve a problem that every human has. Sometimes people would like a stronger fragrance or extra spray to solve the problem. For this, we have included the large button on the side of the LooLoo. Simply press that button and LooLoo will spray more fragrance into your toilet, regardless of automatic or manual setting.

Night light

Adding / Remove Fragrance bottles

Adding and removing fragrance is simple.

To remove a fragrance bottle, simply press the release darker gray button at the bottom side of the LooLoo. This button will release the bottle and you can gently pull the bottle out of the LooLoo.

To insert a new bottle, ensure that the LooLoo logo on both the LooLoo and bottle are facing you. Another way to ensure the bottle is entering properly is that the notch on the bottom of the bottle should be facing the side, not the center of the LooLoo. As you slip the bottle into the bottom of the LooLoo, it should easily slide into the LooLoo until an audible “click” is heard. The click means the bottle is securely installed in the LooLoo.

Once you have placed the bottle into the bottom, press the spray button a few times to prime the LooLoo.

Battery Installation

Cleaning of LooLoo

The LooLoo is made of easy-to clean materials. We suggest that you wipe it down regularly. You can use a gentle household cleaner and paper towel or a disinfectant wipe.

Factory Reset or LooLoo Calibration

The LooLoo has an in-bowl sensor located behind the flower-shaped glass lens on the nozzle end of the arm. This sensor determines if a person is sitting on the toilet and triggers the LooLoo to spray the essential oil fragrance onto the water. Given the disparity between toilet lid heights and distances, It is possible that this sensor may trigger upon closing the toilet lid. Should this occur, we programmed a simple calibration process for the LooLoo sensor that you can perform. Please follow these simple steps to calibrate the LooLoo to your toilet:

  1. Place the LooLoo on the side of the toilet.
  2. Press and hold the large center button on the LooLoo.
  3. While holding down the button, move the switch back and forth between “A” and “M” a total of 4 times. At the conclusion of that process, the button will flash green signaling to you that the LooLoo has been reset.