LooLoo is a touchless toilet spray that eliminates toilet odors by spraying essential oils on the toilet bowl’s water surface.

The Device

How do I turn on manual mode so that it does not spray every time I sit down?

Toggle the switch on the front of LooLoo to "M" for manual or "A" for automatic.

What does the blinking red light mean?

The blinking red light indicates the batteries need to be replaced.

How do I make the LooLoo spray manually?

Simply press the spray button on the front of LooLoo any time that you desire an additional spray of fragrance.

How do I change the batteries?

The battery compartment is located on the back of LooLoo. Remove the battery cover and replace with 3 AA batteries in the direction indicated on the stamp above the battery cover.

How do I make LooLoo fit snugly to my toilet bowl?

We recommend that you "over-bend" the LooLoo flexible arm to form a triangle, then slide the unit onto the toilet bowl. Please refer to the Easy Install video.

What if my LooLoo sprays when I walk by the toilet or put down the toilet seat?

It’s possible that your sensor needs to be recalibrated. To recalibrate your LooLoo, place the LooLoo on the toilet; and while the toilet seat is down, hold down the square button and move the switch back and forth between the "A" and "M" 4 times. After doing this you should see a blinking light letting you know the device has been reset. Wait 30 seconds and then it will be recalibrated for your toilet.

What if my LooLoo doesn’t fit on the toilet?

Each LooLoo is specially designed with an adjustable arm which allows you to bend and fit the device onto any toilet, no matter the size.


How often do I need to replace the refill cartridge?

Each fragrance cartridge sprays approximately 400 times before needing replacement.

How long does a fragrance cartridge last?

Each refill is about 400 sprays